GIPA Update

As the safety and well-being of participants is our upmost priority, we have postponed GIPA 2020 due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation. GIPA thrives on the face-to-face kick-off and closing events in Germany and Israel. All 2020-participants hold a wildcard for the next badge, which we hope to be able to conduct in 2021 as soon as the COVID-19 situation stabilizes. Stay tuned for more updates.

We wish everyone to stay safe and healthy,
The GIPA Team!

GIPA in a Nutshell

Take the best young cybersecurity talents from Germany and Israel. Team them up in a unique program unlocking their innovative and disruptive thinking. Task them to work on real cybersecurity threats. Enable them to come up with true innovation in cybersecurity in only three months. To make the world a better place. That is GIPA, the German Israeli Partnership Accelerator.

GIPA, formerly called HIPA, is a unique, low risk program delivering impactful solutions. Fraunhofer SIT and Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI), two of the worldwide leading scientific institutions for applied cybersecurity initiated it and are committed to its success.

GIPA also addresses corporate partners that benefit from the insights, expertise and wisdom accumulated in the program to become digital leaders.

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Our Goal

GIPA aims to make the world a better place by creating Innovation in Cybersecurity:

Experimental technology and large scale studies

We experiment with technology, think out of the box, take new and agile approaches to deliver data and insights for innovation in cybersecurity.

For governments and industry

Innovative products

If our prototypes convince the market, we are committed to developing them further into innovative products.

For industry

Accelerating startups

If our ideas fly and there is customer demand, we will encourage and support the teams to found a startup to bring them to the market.

For academic entrepreneurs

quote-left With our German-Israeli Accelerator, we combine the strengths of Israel as a cybernation with the excellent and application-oriented research of Fraunhofer quote-right
Prof. Reimund Neugebauer, President of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft

HIPA renamed GIPA

Following two successful editions, HIPA was officially renamed GIPA – acknowledging its impact beyond Hesse. Hesse has strong bonds to Israel – both politically and economically. Fraunhofer SIT, one of the program’s initiators, has close bonds to Israel on the scientific side, for example through the newly opened Fraunhofer Project Center for Cybersecurity at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Hesse will remain the hub and home for GIPA. The 3rd edition was meant to start in April 1, 2020. However, because of the COVID-19 situation GIPA is postponed to 2021 (subject to a more stabilized situation) – all 2020-participants will hold a wildcard.

Apply for GIPA!

The 3rd edition of GIPA has been postponed to 2021. Application is closed! Additionally, application for the 4th edition will launch as soon as we have more clarity on the travel and overall COVID-19-situation. We will be looking for creative, motivated and open-minded people with an excellent academic track record: Application is open for BA or Master students.

Partner up

We are proud that both CISCO and Allianz have been our partners for the previous two editions of our program. Here are three reasons why you should join them:

1. GIPA enables you to transform your corporation into a true innovation leader

2. GIPA will provide you with in-depth insights into cybersecurity trends and developments and emerging technologies. The best of it all: we’ll share our knowledge and train you on these developments.

3. GIPA provides you with early access to top cybersecurity talents, highly acknowledged academic experts and policy decision makers.


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Prof. Dr. Michael Waidner and
Consul General of Israel Dr. Dan Shaham